Chocolate Heaven

I just discovered that my ‘how to cook everything vegetarian’ cookbook has a recipe for chocolate ganache (ga-NO-sh) in it! (That’s the stuff that ‘usually’ goes on the outside of the ice cream cakes from Cold Stone creamery.  It’s like thick wonderful chocolaty goodness! Oh happy day.  Who wants to come over for chocolate!!!!

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  • Mielinski - come over, no… bring me chocolate (since that seems to be our general aggrement……yes 🙂

  • Cheryl - Hope you have better luck making the whatever-it’s-called using the recipe than I tend to have with recipes… tell us how it turns out! 🙂

  • heather - Yes. me.

    I think I might try one of these ice cream cakes for my b-day this year. Have one you recommend?

  • k - Oh, do I. This is the Cold Stone cake that I had for grad school graduation. Phenominal. You’ll get jealous anytime anyone else has a piece.

    Birthday cake ice cream (of course)
    with graham cracker crust in between layers
    Chocolate ganache icing

    there’s a chance that I got some sort of strawberry or other berry added in with the inbetween layer, but I can’t remember.

    Oh, and sister, is your cell phone dead?

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