Is it worth the fuss?

Ok, so question for the masses here:

Scenario: I am 99.9% certain that a week ago I went to a certain coffee place at about 630am on my way to Dallas and purchased a (deep breath) venti-sugar-free-vanilla-non-fat-latte-with-two-splendas. Approximate cost = $4.12 (I know, way too much to pay for coffee) But I like to think I’m also paying for the fact that someone got up that early to make it for me. 😉 Anyhow, I was going through my bank statement online today and noticed that from this particular establishment, on that day, I had a charge for $14.12. hmmmm. The obvious explanation is that someone accidentally hit the “1” first. Understandable. It WAS 630 in the morning. The problem is, since the transaction has already gone through this establishments system and been posted to the bank account (I called customer service) they said I would need to contest it with the bank. So here is my question. Is going through all that worth the $10? What would YOU do? I’m still pondering. Would the time I spend trying to get my $10 back be worth it?

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  • pookie - I vote to get your money back.

  • Mielinski - i agree….just think if they did this a few times a day every day. they would generate thousands of extra, ill-gotten dollars. they were wrong and they shouldnt get your free money. if you want. every week…you just give me $10 for no reason…ill be happy 🙂

  • Todd E. Jones - Yeah, I think I would see just how much of a “fuss” it would be to get it back. It might not be that big of a deal. But if you see it being dragged out, you might just let it go. It all depends on how hard it is going to be. Surely the bank wouldn’t believe that you spent $14 on a latte. Even at a certain “unnamed” coffee shop!

  • Bob R. Smith - I agree, get your money back, but for totally different reasons. How much is your time really worth anyways? You’re a social worker. That’s like barely more than McDonald’s. And it comes in spurts, so there’s just hours you have to just sit on the phone and complain until you get your money back. And if you purchased it with a credit card as opposed to debit, it really shouldn’t take that much work. You contest it and the bank/credit card company runs with it. just my two cents… which is like… 1.3 seconds of my time. or something.

  • Mielinski - was it a credit or a debit card? you made it sound like a debit card. but if it was a credit card….that is super easy to get your money back. they can do a charge back….and pretty much the situation is solved. debit cards are much harder…mainly cause the money is already gone from your account.

  • k - For the record, it WAS a debit card. Any changes of opinion?

  • Jeffiner - A hamburger place did that to me once. I just called the bank first and told them I had been overcharged by $10. They asked if I had called burger place (no) and had a receipt (yes). And then they just shrugged and gave me a refund, they never actually asked to see the receipt or make me call the burger place myself. Was pretty hassle free and took less than 5 minutes of my time, which I think (although I haven’t done the math) is worth $10.

  • k - Okeedokee – due to all of your encouragement, I called the bank (which does have the rep/claim that they solve disputes/refunds easily) and spent 14 minutes either on hold or talking to a person. Result – they’ve issued the overcharged amount back to my account -available starting tomorrow, they gave me a claim number and will send me a letter with the final results of their “investigation”. Like Jeffiner said, no hassle and pretty easy to do. It will be interesting to see what the letter says, and of course I’m going to check my account to make sure the money actually is put in.

    Thanks for the encouragement.

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