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My internets keeps going on coffee breaks (sounds nice) and not working for sporadic, random periods of time today and it is driving me crazy. It stops working for say, 20 minutes, which is just enough time to spend 5-7 minutes trying to ‘repair the network’ and then realizing you can’t, sitting there for a few minutes just HOPING that it will start working again, spending 5 minutes trying to think of things you can work on that DON’T require an internet connection (that’s hard to do) and then, you pick one, go and open the files and get several minutes into the job and all of a sudden, your internet radio starts playing again and it’s back on….So you go back to what you WERE doing….and 45 minutes later…down again. Repeat at least 3 times so far.

The only time this turned out to be a good thing was the second time when I decided to get a glass of water and when I got to the kitchen I remembered that I needed to get supper started in the crock pot or J would have not so cooked beef stew for dinner. Other than that ONE time, this has been extremely inconvenient. Grrrrrrrrr. This post – was written during one of these down times and then posted once it came back online. I’m not wasting my online access time anymore than I have to. Today, that is.

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  • Bob R. Smith - My internet was junky the other day. Very annoying. But now I’m back at work so it doesn’t matter.

    Your dresses tag thingies are very out of stock and or no longer available. If you care, you should update or delete them.

    Thank you for the bag of silverware you gave me eons ago. It came in very handy with the family in town this past weekend.

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