Do you even know me?

Are there people you know well, who don’t know something about you that you consider part of who you are? For example, you love to go rock climbing, but you moved to somewhere flat like Kansas. Or, perhaps you really enjoy certain things, but you have never experienced those things with these people. Like certain sports, or activities or places, or topics of conversation.

It just frustrates me when people make assumptions about the kind of person I am and what I do or do not do without seeing the full picture. I wonder what kind of assumptions I make about others based on the environments where I know them. I know work friends ‘at work’, but who are they during the rest of their lives. I know other friends when we hang out together, but I know there is more to people than pool and movies. It seems more frustrating the better you know the person, and the more you believe they know you.

And what of those things we LOVE to do. Why aren’t we doing them? Why aren’t we finding a place to climb a rock, or listen to a band play, or joining a sports team, or starting a conversation. What is keeping us from doing the things that we believe make us who we are and are part of our self-identity? Is it circumstance? Location? Laziness? Worrying about what others think? Fear? If we stop doing something that we “Love to do”, can we actually say that we ‘do’ that? And do we have a right to be insulted or hurt when someone thinks it’s laughable just because they’ve never witnessed it? I mean, our actions do speak louder than our words. Just something to think about.

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