Guilty pleasures

Ok, not as bad as it sounds.  Have you ever liked a song that no one in YOUR DEMOGRAPHIC should like?  You know what I mean.  Smart, educated, mature people secretly listening to Britney…. you know who you are…..  Well, I’m in trouble. This song came on the radio the other day on my way to Dallas….and darnit if it wasn’t catchy….and had me singing along….only to learn that it was sung by none other than that ever so popular daughter of Mr. Achey Breaky himself.   I’m not saying I like HER, or all her songs….. I listened to a few others just to see, and I don’t like the other ones at all. For some reason, “See you Again”, by Miley Cyrus….. I can’t help it. I like it.

What about you?  Is there a song that you shouldn’t like, but you secretly do? 

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  • Todd E. Jones - When I was a kid I liked DeBarge. Others kind of looked down on them mostly. They were in to Rock, Metal, rap, etc. El DeBarge seemed kind of wimpy, I guess.

  • Bob R. Smith - Happy Birthday!!!

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