I can ‘run like a cheetah’, but only for about 200 meters or so, and only once apparently.

Tonight was Cheetah training again. Happens every tuesday for 4 months I guess.  It can be both uplifting and disheartening, all in the same 200 meters, actually.  Tonight we ran 2×800 (that’s 2 laps, then a break, then 2 laps again), then 2 x400m (I’ll let you do the math on your own from here on out) and then 2x200m, with varying amounts of recovery time in between.  My shins are still hurting, but I have an appointment with the sports massage guy that I am SO EXCITED ABOUT on Thursday and he will make it all better. He promised.  So needless to say that for the first….7 laps (that would be 3 warm up laps and the 2x800s) my shins were angry at me and making me feel their anger.  Apparently I have ‘trash’ in my calves that is making my shins hurt…or something like that. By the time we made it to the fun stuff, the short 200’s (woohoo!) my shins were better and was able to push really hard on my first 200m.  I ran a measly (for all you sprinters out there) 40 seconds.  The second one….whew, I lost my wind at about 130m…and barely held on, finishing in 46s.  Dude, running fast is fun, but there is a reason you only run the events once in a race.  It’s hard to give it all you’ve got 2 times in a row with 1min rest in between.  But aside from wanting to pass out (mom, I was sprinting…it’s ok) it was a great workout.  Next week is our 2nd 2 mile time trial.  I think my first time was 19:33 or something. So we’ll see.

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  • Gauri - Hey, better than most of us! I just got your comment on my old blog- I don’t use Netvibes, I use Bloglines to keep up on blogs, but I have been lazy about logging into Bloglines.

  • heather - Are you guessing you have “trash” in your calves or is this some sort of official diagnosis? If the latter, what in the world does that mean?

  • JaNae - A lot of times I’ll get shin splints when I need new shoes. Don’t know if you ever got fitted at a running store, but if not, it’s definitely worth it. They look at the way that you walk/run and at the wear on your old shoes to find you a pair that is the most supportive. The shin splints could also be from having to do the Mud Run in boots. I am curious about the “trash” in your calves too! Your workout reminds me of ones we used to have to do in track–killers! Sounds like you did awesome!

  • K - I did actually get new shoes at Thanksgiving, (at a local running company with the video and the whole shebang) I’ve put less than 200 miles on them so far I think. I think part of it is from the mud run, they were sore after and I really didn’t get a break from cheetah training.
    The “trash” reference is what the sports massage guy (he is the one who organized the cheetah training and is sponsoring 2 of the kenyan coaches/racers) told me when I was explaining the pain. Basically it hurts on the inner side of my shins and he said that ‘build up’ of some sort in my calves is affecting my shins and causing inflammation. basically. he said if you work out what is in your calves it will relieve the pain in the shins. makes as much sense to me as anything else and you KNOW i don’t turn down opportunities for a massage. It is pretty cool to have these really knowledgable folks around while you train. Everyone has different bits of information that help you run and feel just a little bit better each time. Simple things like pumping your arms and picking your feet up just a little higher, especially when you are tired, make the same amount of effort take you that much further. It’s good stuff. I just can’t wait to feel better with the shins.


  • K - Also, for you actual sprinters out there, I want to again point out that those 200m were run at the END of practice…so that’s my excuse for being so slow.

  • Bob R. Smith - you seem paranoid about your time. I just want to assure you its better than mine.

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