Tax procrastination, evaded.

Don’t misunderstand.  We did our taxes weeks ago.  On Easter Sunday in fact. Not the best example of ‘honoring the Sabbath’, I know.  I’m talking here about my estimated taxes. Which after a mere hour of number crunching, are now paid.  It’s the little tasks, that ‘only take a minute’ – that we seem to put off most frequently.

Lately I’ve had several bad bouts with the ‘Just not todays’.  It has to get done, but just not today.  It’s fairly simple to rationalize putting something off when you start thinking in terms of just today.  Will anyone notice if it isn’t done today?  Is anyone waiting on this today?  Did I promise anyone I would have this done today?  Surely tomorrow will be a better time to give this my full attention and get it done.

Now, I will argue that some items that make it onto the ever popular and always growing TO DO LIST, actually can and should be put off.  Those things that you think need to be done RIGHT AWAY OR IT WILL BE THE END OF ME IF THIS DOESN’T GET DONE! Then you realize halfway through your day while driving yourself crazy running around town that it will be OKAY if you don’t get the cat litter AND make a clandestined trip to The Container Store to reorganize your life TODAY.  That, can wait.  So we must balance the really-want-tos and the really-have-tos.  That’s life though, isn’t it.

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