Things I like.

1. I like the show Deadliest Catch on Discovery Channel. New season starts Tuesday!!!

2. I also like Dirty Jobs on Discovery.  That one starts tomorrow.

3. I like tv marathons – like the deadliest catch marathon that’s been playing all weekend. Hours of my life gone, but it’s so awesome when they hit the ‘motherload’ and catch tons of 100 plus king crap pots. I mean, come on! That’s exciting!!

4. I like sunny, breezy days in Texas.  Well, I like them anywhere, but they’re rare here, so I’m enjoying every one of them.

5. I like this post I read at Desiring God.  Where are YOU from from?

6. I like Sunday evenings when we have so much leftover food that I don’t need to cook. That’s nice.

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  • Bob R. Smith - I need to watch Deadliest Catch!!! V-ball got in the way as it probably will. Thank goodness for the DVR.

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