Ah, summer

Ah, summer. I know you folks living up north are thinking… what? are you talking about!? But down here in hotter-than-usual-earlier land, it’s been “summer” for awhile. Now I will admit that it’s been uncharacteristically pleasant this spring. We actually got to experience the temperatures between 70 and 79 F on a regular basis – and still do some days. It’s downright awesome. But I finally figured out it’s like reverse from Ohio on the humidity stuff. Down here it’s humid early – from April thru June, and then it dries out….and hangs out in the 90’s. Until September ….or more….

Up north, at least ohio (if my memory of my first 23 years serves me…) it doesn’t start to get sticky humid until July, when it also gets warm (80’s) until one day in early September, occasionally late August when “the cold front” comes through and it instantly becomes fall. Usually AFTER the first home football game of the SHS season – when the band has to where their uniforms and try not to pass out. Ah, the memories.

So summer is here, or quickly approaching. To me, now, summer means finding clothes to wear that don’t look horrible if I have to ride for 2 hours in the car and then go to a meeting and look presentable, it means afternoon headaches from driving in the sun, it means parking as far away as necessary to secure a good shady spot, it means dreaming about having good AC in my car, it means hanging out at my wonderful friends pool on the weekends, and most recently it means waiting until it cools down a little outside to go running – or biking. I am a little worried about the wonderful things I’ll learn this summer about biking in the Texas heat. Am I going to end up with chain shaped burns on my legs? 😉 Ooooh and summer means fresh produce at all the farmers markets! and Finally rhubarb!!!

Summer means a lot of things to a lot of people. What about you?

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  • Bob R. Smith - That’s a lot of writing. I hope the grass got cut. 🙂

    Summer to me means weeds now that I’m a homeowner.

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