Anonymity and the Internet

I know too many of you people. Yes, I’m sure somewhere out there, someone reads this blog who doesn’t actually know me, has never seen to know how much I talk with my hands, and according to my husband make some sort of scoffing sound during conversation that is apparently one of the most annoying sounds he’s ever heard. He consoled me? by saying that I don’t do it that often, and someone else he knows does it way more. Thanks, dear. Not to go off on a complete tangent, but I can’t figure out what sound he’s talking about. I can’t seem to ‘catch’ myself making the sound. He’s started pointing it out to me, in a genuine effort to help me identify the sound, in the hope that I wouldn’t make that noise as much. But it’s completely involuntary. And even when he says, “that was it, that was the sound’, I’ve still been talking and have no memory of making any such sound. Whatever. Back to the people who know me, PLEASE do not try to help me identify the sound.
But this further illustrates what was supposed to be my original pre-tangent point – you people know me. In all likelihood I’ll see quite a few of you this weekend. Many of you I will talk with on the phone. And some of you, you know who you are, will in fact try to help me identify the sound. That’s the peculiar thing about talking about your life, or anything you find personal, on the internet. You either have to hide your identity from everyone, or someone you know is going to read what you write and you will probably see that person soon. Or they will call you and go, “Really…..”.
For most subject matters, this really isn’t a big deal. I enjoy bringing up topics on here that later get discussed (even if we’re just making fun of my exercise habits) at dinner. And I’m not talking about the kind of censoring of yourself that is just plain smart – like LOTS of personal information that would make oneself vulnerable to mean people.
I’m a girl – woman, whatever. I’m female. Any woman reading this who is remotely like me, likes to sound out ideas or things she is thinking about. She may not mean anything by it, it just popped into her head and she thinks its interesting or weird, or completely insane. But she must be careful here, boys are reading these things, and hopeful mothers and sisters…and she can’t just talk about what she is thinking about because heaven forbid she get anyone excited about ABSOLULTELY NOTHING. So instead, I talk about my favorite upcoming movies and running and how I have no idea how I am going to train in 3 sports!!! this summer. There’s just not enough time in the week. Anyhow, I’m sure I’ll move on and find something else to talk about other than talking about stuff.

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  • Bob R. Smith - I don’t care if you realize the sound. I want your husband to point it out to me so I can listen for it.

    On posting too much info, I do it often. I never had a problem till some old people I know learned how to work the internet. Now I’ll probably censor much more. Boo old people!

  • Gauri - amen, sista. I need to post more, I really do- my life has gotten so much more interesting after taking this job…

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