I stand corrected

Or do I…

I experienced a first last Friday.

I would say that I go to s-bucks (coffee) probably a couples times a month. Mostly when I’m running around all day or have an early morning meeting in Dallas. During grad school when my coffee consumption was at its peak, I went there even more. I know all about the ‘lingo’, that “tall” means small, etc. I know there is more to the lingo, I conform enough to their coffee language to get the correct order.

So I was a bit taken aback last week when I ordered my “tall-sugar-free-cinnamon-latte, non-fat” please, cup of coffee.

“Actually, what you just ordered, was a tall, SKINNY, cinnamon, non-fat, latte. Yeah, skinny means sugar-free, just so you know.”

Um, thanks. I don’t really care.

First of all, I guess I always thought ‘skinny’ referred to ‘skim milk’. I know non-fat does, too, I guess. So, I looked it up, and the barista was wrong.


I really shouldn’t get this much joy out of this, but she was so snooty in the way she corrected me, if gas weren’t $3.59/gal I would go tell her. Not really, but we can pretend.

But even though she did speak in error, I’d never even heard a barista correct anyone before, in person.

Also, I realize that this entire conversation is about a place where you can purchase ‘eh’ tasting coffee for way too much money. But since I’m not actually going back there to tell her she was wrong, I’m saying it here. =) Have a great day everyone.

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