Stupid Questions

After a truly lousy morning of completely bad timing (amazingly not mine) which caused ALL of my appointments to be, well, messed up, I was not in the best of moods. It’s getting better. I’m back in the home office, crunching some numbers, ‘massaging the data’ as a few fellow evaluators like to say. Anyway, I had a few errands to run on my way home, and I stopped in at the local bike shop to take a look around and ask about getting my bike fitted properly.

There are so many things I still don’t know.

You would think, oh, it’s a bike, just ride it. But as I mentioned back here, there is so much that I don’t know. And even though you know that just because you don’t know something doesn’t make you stupid, it does make you ignorant.

Because I will eventually have to say this stuff to someone out loud (unless I can research it all on the internet – the ability to do so being one of my favorite things about the internet – finding things out without having to ask anyone) I will put forth a few of my ‘ignorant questions’ here:

  • How do I use the floor tire pump I just bought? I grew up with an air compressor in the barn. I am confident I can look this one up and/or follow the instructions well enough, but right now – nada.
  • Does my bike fit me properly? To me this was always just, if you can ride it – it fits. Apparently it’s much more complicated than that, but I’ve learned that this is a normal question that even experienced riders have.
  • How in the heck am I supposed to change the tire tube? What’s the deal with the tube and the tire? How often do these road tires really go flat? These questions all come from the fact that I’ve never had to change a bike tire – ever. My old bikes were mountain bikes which NEVER went flat because of an actual puncture even though I road the one for 4 years at college. It’s just never come up.
  • Question that I figured out on my own: How do I work the millions of gears on this bike? This just took a few days out going up and down the road switching gears. I still don’t have it memorized, but I have the basics down.
  • What position is the best to ride in? Do most people ride sitting up? Dropped down? And how in the world do you get used to these brakes when you are in the up position?
  • What do I HAVE to have in my little bike bag?
  • Can you fit a tire tube in that little bag? (along with everything else)
  • Can I have another birthday so that people can buy me the rest of the gear (shoes, fix-kit, spare EVERYTHING) that I need? (that one actually is a stupid question)
  • Where does everyone ride?
  • How do I avoid looking retarded when putting my bike together before a ride

It’s like social norming all over the place. Oh well. I have a million more questions, especially when it comes to triathlon training, but I’ll conquer those later. Today I’m just wondering if it’s too windy to ride – Should I run instead?

  • Is it ever too windy to ride your bike?
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  • k - I figured out the bike floor pump! yeah. It’s the remembering to lock it that makes it special. Fun times. And now my mountain bike is at least ridable again. Yeah.

    Oh, and about how to not look stupid putting the bike together. Practice, and not standing there just looking at it. =)

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