Hammer Time

Oh bicycle. How old and rusty art thou.

A few more tweaks and my good ole bike (circa 1998 Ohio Walmart) would be ready (as it could be) to face the roads in Austin for our race on Sunday. I needed to set up my bike lock and actually put it on the bike; attach the mini air pump to the bike, and raise the seat post. Simple enough, sure. Configuring the lock and attaching = simple, done. Attaching the bike pump…. simple in theory, not in practice. Apparently the bolt holes on the bike are sOOOOOO old and rusty that the thread may be gone. But I can’t be sure. I tried to put them in the holes on the nice and pretty bike and they don’t even seem to be compatible. I have no idea. I’ll just put the thing in my camelbak if I have to.
Finally, the seat post.

It’s a bit rusty. But after a bit of hammering, it finally moved.

And Heather requested a picture of the cat. 😉

Bonsai says hello.

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