Happy Flag Day 2008 – And it might also be someone’s birthday today…

Happy Birthday Courtney!

Let’s see, the day you were born, I was 14, and at summer gym.  Just a few weeks before, my classmates and I were in Washington DC for a school trip and everyone was all excited about you being born and (most interesting to them) me becoming an Aunt.  So I would call home everyday to see if you had been born yet.  But you waited until I was back in Sidney, at summer gym.  Mom came and picked me up at Tawawa Park and was like “Angie had her baby!” and here you are.  Only 14 years ago.   =)  We love you Courtney, happy birthday.

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  • George - Happy flag day to all !
    George – http://worldonblog.com/

  • Heather - I was sitting on the floor (not much furniture yet) of my new shared apartment at Olentangy Commons in Columbus working on stuff for my new job as PR asst. for the Franklin County Fair when Mom called and told me the great news!

    Happy 14th on the 14th Court!

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