Mixing it up

We played games last night, and I don’t know about everyone else, but I had a pretty good time. Even though the boys officially won the tie-breaker game. The girls won at Cranium, and the boys won at Shout at the Movies. What I learned from all this was that Dan is good at drawing with his eyes closed – especially gloves. That Count Chocula is a completely valid and awesome guess, Brooke and I just might share a brain, at least when it comes to this game, and that the answer is not in fact “jackel”, no matter how many times you say it.

One of the challenges on Cranium is the Zelpuz – otherwise known as word scramble. I thought I’d put one on here just for fun. There is a website where they help you scramble the words.

Hint: Bright Lights (one word)

Word: odtnwonw

This one isn’t very hard – winner will be determined by A: the correct answer given, and B: the timestamp on your comment.

Odd factoid: The EPA has an online word scramble game: Thirstin’s Word Scramble Game.

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