Boys, most of you will not like this movie.

Do you like screaming women running to greet each other? Dancing and people breaking into song at a moments notice?  If not, then don’t go see Mamma Mia.  However, if you are young at heart and enjoy people just having fun and singing and dancing becuase they can – and if you like ABBA music – this is the movie for you.

Needless to say, I loved it and am currently listening to the soundtrack on Repeat All. =)

And BOO HISS to the crook who broke into my friends car in the parking lot while we were inside watching the movie.

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  • Heather - hey — like this current theme, although I feel like I keep waiting for something to appear on the left sidebar space.

    Did said crook take anything?

    You realize you are pretty much the only person in my life who would see/rent this movie with me. This would be Eric’s most dreaded movie category.

  • Karyn - I’m waiting for the author to update it and looking for more themes in the meantime. Said crook took very little – there was pretty much nothing to take, but apparently had a messy time looking. Boo.

    That’s why I only invited my girlfriends here who I knew might enjoy the movie. No sense in bringing boys who would whine the entire time – although you might not be able to hear them over the singing…. hehe. You should take mom and dad – I have a feeling that baby boomers might enjoy this movie more than most. Most of the cast doing the singing and dancing are baby boomers.

  • Karyn -

    Link to the Amazon page – with playable song links

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