Certain things should NOT be done ahead of time

For instance, buying the chocolate chip cookie dough for a party on Saturday….the preceding Sunday.  That’s just plain not smart.  Who would be so naive self-deceiving that she would buy said cookie dough and believe that it would in fact NOT get at least partially eaten by her before the party date?  Me, that’s who.

It’s not pretty.  Amazingly the package stayed closed all the way until Tuesday.  Now, it is MORE than half gone.  Chocolate chip cookie dough is a guilty pleasure, usually reserved for rewarding those selflessly making cookies for others, or for slumber parties. =)  It is not meant to be enjoyed as a midweek casual snack.  That’s what crackers are for.  So the worst part is that not only have I indulged on the sweetness before the designated guilt-free time, thus incurring the guilt, but I will need to buy MORE cookie dough to compensate for the missing dough.  No one else should have to miss out on the guilt free party cookie dough extravaganza because of poor planning on my part.  So there WILL be more dough, and it will be delicious.  And no matter what I say, yes, I will have some then, too.  =)

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