I know slightly less than nothing about cycling now – Progress!

I did another ride this past weekend. I know, you’d think I’d be on that thing all the time, and I am coming along. I’m slowly coming up with a training strategy that may work for me with this whole sprint-triathlon AND relay running race training stuff.  The nice thing about all the training is that it gives you time to think out things and also works as a great de-stressor quite often.

Anyway, at first I wasn’t sure how in the world I was supposed to train for three sports at the same time, while giving them all enough time – and putting enough emphasis on running since I have a big running race a few weeks after the Tri.   I’ve had lots of good advice, but I was still getting it all jumbled in my head. bike some, run some, swim some.  But when? how much? how often? aaaaaaahhhhhh!  But then I was thinking about it on the bike this weekend and if I think about each sport separately and plan a specific goal and workout schedule for each, and then i can just fit them together so I can work on them all in  That way it keeps it (hopefully) from turning into a burnt out jumbled mess.  So that’s what I’m going to try.  I have a running program for the Ragnar race already and I have some basic goals for the swim and bike stuff, so I just need to focus those and figure out what exactly I want to do each week for each activity.

For the bike, my main goals are getting comfortable on the road bike  – so I am taking it into a local shop this week for a ‘comfort fit’.  They basically adjust everything so that it is more of a custom fit for you. yay.  Then, I want to focus on building up speed endurance and all those bike muscles.  There is a great 7ish mile very hilly loop near my house that I finally did all of this weekend.  Killer.  But great.  Then the actual race course for the Tri isn’t far away, so I want to do the race ride often as well.  I know I need to work on longer rides, but for now, those are two realistic goals that I can actually get done each week.

Swimming – oh swimming.  Went last night and got in 1100m before they kicked us out of the pool.  If you go after 6:30pm it’s half-off, so John and I get in for just one punch on my card. =)  After all those years on the swim team, I finally figured out the best strategy ( I think) for consistent kicking and I’m really getting the feel of freestyle back and am feeling pretty comfortable with it.  I timed myself a few weeks ago on 300m (race distance) and was just under 7min (6:59).  We are timing ourselves ( me and Jeffiner) at the end of July I think and that will be our race times so we can sign up online for the sprint-tri in October. Don’t want to get shut out.

Running – thanks to our motivational race organizer planner extraordinare – we have a training plan for that.  Now, I just get to do all three!

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