The super vacuum

Ok, so we got one.  My mother’s quest is complete. I think we all have Dysons now.  It took me a long time to decide which one I wanted – but once I determined (through store clerk interrogation) that the only variation within the generations was attachments – my decision was easier.  So I got the one I could actually find in a store, with the most attachments – and it was on sale.  And thank you to the clerk at BB&B for telling me about the attachment thing – I’m sorry I had to buy it from a Sears – but that was the store on my gift card.  yipee! Thanks mom!

For those of you who might still be scouring the internet in search of dyson-esque reviews, and come upon this post.  I don’t have much for you right now other than a little bit of testing.  I bought the Dyson D14 Full Kit.  It’s white.  Yeah, J was amazed when I took it out of the box that I managed to get one that was not an obnoxious color.  But I must say, if you are shopping for one of these – you need to be strong.  The bright colors will distract you.  I was nearly taken in by the Hypo-allergenic bright blue…so pretty…. but not worth the extra $150.  You must have your priorities straight BEFORE you walk into the store.  Be diligent with your questioning – which you have a right to because of how much this think freakin’ costs!  And I know the one with the swivel ball thing looks cool, but are you trying to be cool or are you trying to clean your floor. To me it just seemed like more could break on that one.  Unless you are trying to get the coolest one so your child/husband will want to vacuum – then by all means.  Find the one that meets your needs. 😉

Anyway, I’ve used it once. It’s still working and it picked up a lot of dirt.  The thing I noticed immediately that was different/better than my old vacuum (dirt devil lift off- which is entirely a good vacuum btw) was that it picked up more of the fine dust particles which we have tons of, in our house.  Other than that, I don’t notice a massive volume increase in picked up debris.  But our old vacuum was good, I just think this one is better.  Speaking of which, I’m selling the old one….anyone? =)

Oh, and it did very well on the carpet edges – didn’t have to break out the telescope hose.  I’ll let you know more as I keep vacuuming. Yay.

The only problem with vacuuming at our house – it apparently sends a silent, or not so silent – signal to all the bugs waiting outside to come on in.  It’s like bug-ville for 2 to 3 days after I vacuum, every time. Boo.

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