5 Directions at once

Yeah, I’m entering the crazy-twilight-zone-of-busy-ness this week.  The Roundup is 5 days away! I start watching people’s kitty cats this week while they go on vacation.  I’ve got some end of the month deadlines looming on two separate jobs – both of which cannot be accomplished in the same setting, (i.e., at my desk). And I am in full training mode for my races. Why? Cause I HAVE to be.  And it’s raining – which is good, but may throw a small wrench in the training plans this week.  Although it is forcing me to do weights tonight -which I really need to do.   Muscle burns fat. Muscle burns fat.

Oh, and this morning I’m going in for my first body fat test since the beginning of April.  Should be interesting.  My last result wasn’t that great. Since I wasn’t really training for anything specific, and I wasn’t eating the greatest, my numbers had been creeping up.  But sometime around June I refocused and am doing much better now.  But I seriously don’t know what my numbers will look like today.   With each new direction in my training, I’m essentially reshaping my body and I don’t know what to expect.  Like in general you would think that lower numbers all around are better, (in terms of weight, body fat %, measurements, etc). But if you are working on an area and that exercise is building muscle, you might go up – and that’s ok.  I’m just trying to figure out which areas are up because of my training and which ones are just extra pizza. =)  Now that I’ve added cycling and swimming to my running. I have no idea what to expect.  I can tell that I am starting to lean out more, and it seems pretty balanced with all three sports – so hopefully this will continue.  Just getting used to this training on/off body fluctuation stuff I guess.

Just for fun, here is my chart of ongoing caliper measurements for my body fat tests. Gotta love charts! I’ll update after today’s measurements.

*Update – good news, mostly

Decreased big on a couple, and maintained on the rest. Gained 3 lbs lean mass, lost 1 lb fat, and dropped the body fat by 1.4%! On the right track at least.

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  • Bob R. Smith - Am I supposed to know what a axcilla or subscap is? one or two of the others two but they were too long to memorize quickly. Anyways, good job. Somebody has to work out extra for those like me. And go Misty May and Kerri Walsh!!

  • K - Here is a site that shows all the different measurements


    Yes! Go volleyballers!

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