Being crafty, diving into CSS and other tangents I want to explore

Doing things.  My thinking has again come around lately to the idea of making things and selling them, or something in the being crafty AND profitable category.  My difficulty lies in deciding what to make and how much effort should realistically go into it – and then I remember that I actually have work that I’ve already agreed to do, and I should probably get that done first.  But my ideas come best when I am completely committed otherwise.  That’s the plus side of procrastination apparently: creativity and a clean(er) house.   The irony is when I complete my other tasks and sit down ready to create and nothing happens.  So, in case I forget later, here are a few thoughts.

For instance, I could create actual stuff, like sewing things, making crafty cute and/or useful things and selling them online someplace like Etsy.  Totally cool and I could absolutely make the kind of stuff that sells on there. But, going that route, it is easy to get caught up in the, what-would-people-buy trap.  They should want this, they should want that.  Then I’m just making stuff that I may not really like for other people to not really buy.  Boo. But what if I made stuff that I myself would actually pay good money for?  That might just be a good idea.  There are bound to be people like me on there.  I mean, I bought a gift for a friend on there today.  It’s a great place for that, incidentally.  Some very nice stuff, for not too much.

Or, I could go the completely other route of creating electronic/computery things for people.  I’m getting ready (as soon as my big jobs simmer down/finish) to start building my first wordpress theme.  This ought to be interesting, painful, educational and cumbersome – but hopefully in the end, fruitful.  If I can design my own themes, I am one step closer to creating simple sites for people.  My brother’s site has been great practice, as well as my own.  I do have one job right now that involves website work, and one coming up next year (hopefully) that could involve more design/layout type work – so all this learning will hopefully pay off somewhat.  But the thing about themes, is that mostly they are freely distributed.  But the skills I get from making those free themes will be helpful elsewhere.

Or I could do both.

This is all nice and well and good, but none of it is really what I am doing right now. Which is social science data analysis, program evaluation, marketing, etc.   But it’s fun and someday when there are small people around and I can’t leave the house when I feel like it, these other things could come in handy very much.  So, that’s what I’ve been thinking.

Oh, and I want to be a photographer too. But that’s always been there in my head.  Anybody need their picture taken?

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  • Heather - Ooh!Ooh! I have an idea. It combines computers and crafty, and would be perfect for you. I saw it on one of my favorite blogs…now if I can link it…… ok, not good at linking…there’s no individual post links on there so you have to scroll down to August 7 and see what she’s made with her new sewing machine.

  • k - That IS neat, and i think could think of many uses for that sort of thing. there is a woman I met in the cycling community who does custom embroidery, and i think you could really do good with the run,bike, etc crowd.

    There is a small company that just makes headband and they are awesome. Just need to find some awesome tech fabric and start practicing….

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