Bike. Swim. Bike.

Tonight was my first swim-bike combo workout!  It actually went really well. I didn’t push it too hard, since it was the first time, but it was still a great workout. Over 1,000 calories and it took about 1 1/2 hrs (but we weren’t racing or doing transitions or anything).   We rode from a local park about 4.5 miles to the LMRA pool, swam 1000m (2x500m) and then we biked back. Not too shabby.  I timed myself on the last 300m and it was 15 seconds faster than my first timed 300m several weeks ago.  So hopefully by the end of the month I’ll have dropped even more time and my race time will be pretty decent.  My next big challenge is just getting used to riding longer distances on the bike.  Ever since I had the bike fitted at the shop, I feel much more comfortable handling it.  Even tonight I noticed I felt more confident on the turns.  So, I just need to get out there and ride the actual race course and start getting used to it.  What I’m thinking is, the pool is closed after labor day, so I can step up the swim workouts and then the whole month of September can be all about the bike and run and just hope I don’t lose any of that swim strength.  But I at least need to get one good bike workout in a week, if not more…. and this is my never-ending dilemma.  Oh well.

Oh, and the other thing I tried tonight was swimming in my tri-shorts. (I also wore my swimsuit underneath)  I don’t have a tri tank top yet.  They’re not exactly cheap (my shorts were on sale) but there are some good deals online. Time to start shopping. Anyway. To minimize transition times I want to get a good tri top that I can swim in with the shorts too and that way I only have to put on my shoes and helmet when I get out of the water. I’m learning…slowly.  =)  Maybe I’ll post some tri top choices for you all to vote on. =)

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