Everything is under control, sort of.

Ok, so I’m 85% ready for the event this weekend. Got several big things squared away yesterday…. but I still have to get STUFF ready.  The comment boxes need to be finished. I need to take the used voucher box with me on Friday, need to get the two-way radios labeled and charged, finish the cell phone list, and there’s probably something else I have to do that’s written in the sticky note forest on my desk.  Then, it’s kitty’s favorite time of year! His comprehensive exam = CBC, and every preventative test under the kitty cat sun… = only time he ever hisses, ever.  It’s hilarious to watch my cat get angry.  Especially since he spent most of his entire kitty childhood living at the vet clinic (because I worked there) and now he gets all fiesty and growly at the very same doctor who he used to love.  I actually video taped it last time (him hissing) just because it was so rare and there’s absolutely no way he would do that at home.  All he does here is whine.

Then I have to fit in (hopefully) 2 days of double workouts, at least one swim and hopefully mow the lawn at some point. Good times.

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