I get irritable when it reaches 100 degrees outside for more than 14 days in a row. Apparently.

That must be it.  Cause, no, i’m not pregnant – but boy is my patience thin.  It’s been better today. Ok, well, since about noon today it’s been better.  This morning it was horrid.  And only because I took specific steps to make it (life) less annoying – am I at all sane right now.   I mean, I did have to spend over 4 hours in the car today in the plus 100 heat.  yay.  Everything little has just been bothering me lately.  I’m not mad at anyone – just things!  Like the stupid syran wrap on the beef I was trying to put into the crock pot this morning. Or YAHOO MAPS that has NO REDEEMING FUNCTIONALITY WHAT-SO-EVER right now.  Once again, thank you to Google Maps for keeping me from hurting the computer today.  And it took two drafts for me to write a non-aggressive reproachful ‘comment’ to yahoo maps today – it ended up just being a bit sarcastic and condescending at best.  Sometimes people NEED directions to more than 8 places IN A ROW and then they need to print those directions.  hmmmmm.

Anyway, all in the past now.  The beef stew is done, the locations have been visited and i even made a trip to the BRAND new super target by our house to pick up a pair of nice-looking-but-won’t-give-me-a-pressure-headache-sunglasses-that-were-more-than-$4 so that I could survive the day in the car.  The air conditioning mostly cooperated, and the 6 (yes, six) Airheads I ate for lunch kept my energy up.

But it’s the end of FriDAY now and I made it home before rush hour and supper is made and John fixed the internets again and all is well.


And after my way-too-hot-to-run run last night – i’m thinking of NOT going for a ride tonight.  Who knows what kind of frustration I could take out on my bike.  It hasn’t hurt me yet, so I’ll be nice.

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  • Heather - And just whom, may I ask, says that being pregnant makes your patience thin?

  • Karyn - I’m just getting pre-defensive, no worries. I’m not necessarily saying that thin patience = pregnancy behavior. Rather, the unable to explain severe mood I’ve been in. And you can’t tell me that pregnant women don’t experience ‘severe moods’ that they don’t understand sometimes….

  • Rita - shot, while I cannot speak for all pregnant women, I have been much more moody and have had much less patience while preggers.

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