Only 4 Days Left!

I’m super excited. Only 4 days left until the Olympics! I’ve been excited about previous Olympics, but this is one I am especially looking forward to. Why? Because I actually know something about the sports (more than just swimming) and the people (I’ve been reading and talking to folks) competing. I was lucky enough to¬† meet two people this year who were on the verge of making it to the Olympics in some track & field events. I was really hoping to be able to watch those events and honestly be able to cheer on the guys that I knew! But as competitions go, even half a second can keep you out of the top three (just read the back page of last week’s SI magazine).
In the process of all of this personal progress with training in not just running, but now cycling and swimming, and triathlon – I’ve learned a lot more about what it really takes to get to where these Olympians are. And I’ve read about many of them. Immersing yourself in the run/swim/bike culture leads you to personal stories about normal people accomplishing amazing things. So, I plan to post info about some really interesting people/sports and when they are competing.

I’m so excited.

Some links:

Official Beijing 2008 Olympic Website

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