Running in the rain, and a new haircut

I got my wish this week.  I got to run in the rain this summer.  How in the world did that happen, you ask? It’s not raining in Texas these days.  Ok, so Tuesday night I was planning on running the 5k course at LMRA. J thought I was a bit mad for wanting to run outside (he was under the false impression that it was 106 outside – cause that’s what his truck told him) so he ran inside on the treadmill. Fine fine.  But it really wasn’t that hot – closer to 95 or 96 I think.  Anyway, there were rumors of possibly getting some rain from this tropical storm Ed, but those weren’t supposed to hypothetically show up for several more hours.  So I started running, almost rolled my ankle on some giant hidden ‘twigs’ and was holding up pretty well.  I love running that course because it changes the whole time.  No getting bored.  So I reach the beginning of mile 3 and I start to feel a little bit of rain.   I got excited and then looked to see a sprinkler going off on my right and immediately felt betrayed.  But then….I ran away from the sprinkler and there was still rain and it rained harder!!! Yay! Even if it only lasted a few minutes, that would be awesome.  I love to run in the rain, plus it’s hot outside!!!  It was just the pick me up I needed at that point in my run.  Then to top it off, there was a huge rainbow in the sky.  Beautiful.  The rain didn’t end right away though.  It rained lightly for a few more minutes and then it started to rain even harder!  I was in heaven.  All the people playing softball and soccer probably though I was mad – this lady running around in the rain, smiling. hehe. It rained the rest of my run and then let up pretty much right after I finished.  Favorite run of the summer yet!

Oh, and I finally got my hair cut this week.  The layers were getting way too long, so she made it all pretty again. =)

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