You can help these kids! Yes, I’m talking to you people reading this… all five of you.

As some of you know and some of you don’t, I work with a local Fort Worth/Tarrant County non-profit group called The Back To School Roundup.  We organize (completely with volunteers – we are all volunteers) a once a year event where we give out free school supplies and other much needed items to kids in Tarrant County who’s families are struggling to make ends meet.

The basic idea is that if we can help these kids go to school prepared, then they will be more able to focus on school because they show up ready to learn.   Now, obviously, the start of school each year means the end of summer (which in Texas isn’t necessarily a bad thing), but part of what tends to get kids excited about school again is getting all that cool new back to school stuff!  I mean, I still get excited when I get to buy new notebooks and pencils! And new shoes!  You all hopefully experienced that excitement of getting ready for school with your new backpack and new supplies and new outfit and you got to see friends that you had missed all summer.

Now imagine that your family wasn’t able to afford new supplies for you to start the school year with.  So when the teacher asked everyone to get out pencil and paper on the first day, you had to lean over and ask to borrow some from a fellow classmate, or you were using the same backpack that your older brother had already used for 4 years and was torn to bits.  Or you had no backpack at all.   That takes all that excitement out of getting back into school and learning new things – when you are distracted by the essentials that you are missing – that most other students (what seems like everyone else) have.

We provide each student with all of this, for FREE:
* School Supplies
* No.2 pencils
* 70 ct. Spiral composition notebook, Wide Rule
* 12 ct. colored pencils
* 4 oz. washable glue
* Scissors, 5″
* 100 ct. Filler paper, Wide Rule
* 9 x 12 50 ct. construction paper
* Folder
* Backpack
* Pair of shoes
* Pair of socks

Also available and free to all participating students are –

* Free haircuts from Ogle School
* Free Immunizations

Plus there are a ton of other services present at the event to provide resources and inform families about help they can get in the community.
And of course, there is a ton of fun stuff too! The Zoo will be there, lots of inflatable mazes/obstacle courses, the firetrucks are coming this year and TWO radio stations!

It really is a great time for families and helps relieve some of the heavy burden that these hard working families face to not only get their children ready to learn, but provide for their basic needs as well.

So, if you can fit it into your budget this year, or next, they would absolutely appreciate your tax-deductible donation.

$25 covers all of the expenses for one child. More is always welcome.
$5 from 5 friends can help a child.

You can donate by clicking on the button on my site here, or on the Back To School Roundup website.

Take a look at the site. and see a few of the photos from past Roundups.

Thank You SO Much for your help!


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