Am I even in Texas anymore?

What’s up with the weather people? Apparently when I came back from Ohio, I brought fall with me.  It’s September, 9:46pm IN TEXAS and it’s 64 degrees.  That’s just weird. Awesome, but weird.  And it only got up to 82 today! Seriously.  This is fabulous, but it’s only supposed to last a week.  Do you think the husband would mind if I went out and bought a tent and just stayed in the back yard all week?  Heck he’d probably think I’d gone nuts because how could I possibly be willing to voluntarily spend that much time outside in our backyard, the scariest of scariest places.  I’m not foolish, I would buy the bestest most bug proof tent ever, and bathe in OFF everyday.  It’s THAT nice outside.

Anyway, lots of things going on lately. Can’t talk about everything just yet as some things are suprises for people and some things you just don’t talk about ahead of time.  Needless to say, I’m excited for people, in general. =)

In other news, I think I may have ‘tweaked’ my knee doing a second run yesterday, but I swam tonight (dropping even more time off my 300m) and it feels good so far. Yay!  Time for bed, laters.

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