Oh, the fun we’ll have.

I can’t believe how fast this week in Ohio is going! I’ve only got two days left. J and the cat are doing fine, but I am missing them. Though I am certainly enjoying my time with family and friends this week. I have TONS of photos and TONS of video from the week so far, but I don’t have the ability to load those pics onto Mom’s computer. I may be able to get a video on here, but it may just have to happen after I get back.

That… is my Nike Plus run profile from my run in the Nike Plus Human Race on 8.31.08
It’s actually much better than it looks. It was an organized race in Columbus, which was essentially free, (Thanks Finish Line and Nike) – part of a worldwide running event which was actually pretty cool. I was originally going to run it in Fort Worth with JC but then I ended up being in Columbus so I found out they were organizing the race around the OSU campus, so I went!

Because I was running faster than normal (which I believe was due to the awesome weather and no humidity) my nike plus thing was a little off in distance. My actual finish time was 1 hour, 2 min and 19 seconds!!! That’s like 6 minutes faster than my previous time and almost 10 minute miles, which is my GOAL pace for Ragnar. I would like to say that I had stood in the sun for 6+ hours the previous day at the OSU game and only got 3h 45 min of sleep the night before (all part of the training plan of course – fatigue). I am so amazed that I ran that well! I knew that after training hard in hot humid weather people run faster when it cools off, but it really did work! I just hope Ragnar weather can be anywhere near this nice. It was also nice to be able to run through campus. It was my only chance to see it and some of the new buildings!

More to come!

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