Stuff I did this weekend.

Boring post. Just a list of things I did this weekend. Mom, take notes.

  • Ate gyros at Paul’s Donuts & Gyros!
  • Made yummy & healthy muffins
  • Ran over 5 miles one day and remembered to do yoga after
  • Went bowling with our friends and got the highest (overall) score (153) tyvm
  • Lost 3 games of shuffleboard
  • Went to Home Depot
  • Biked for 45 min then ran for 15 min.
  • Had dinner at Mellow Mushroom – so good
  • Actually remembered to buy the cat food
  • Read parts of several magazines
  • Sent people some birthday cards ON TIME!
  • Sent a congratulations card¬† – to the wrong address
  • Watched: dazed & confused, license to wed, True Blood (new episode), the end of Legend of baggar vance and parts of lots of movies I can’t remember.

That’s all. I think.

Anyone else do anything exciting?  I hear there were some road trips and weddings happening elsewhere this weekend!

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