Ragnar Approaches

Our team leaves for San Antonio TOMORROW! That means I run in 2 (and 3) days!  Just in case you didn’t pop over to the SWAT page and read our teams “5 Questions” responses, here were mine.

What is your proudest running moment so far?
Actually running a half-marathon, and not stopping.
What scares/freaks you out the most about the Ragnar race?
Um, yeah, that would be the giant Texas country bugs that will be dive bombing my head during the night run.  Watch me run if you want some good entertainment (i.e. Mad woman swatting)
What do you do when you need a pick up while running? Music? Mantra?
Sometimes (especially to get out the door) I will think about people who have to do much harder things than run, or for whom running is not just something to do for fun.  I think about how blessed I am that I CAN run and that I even started running in the first place and how that will help me in the long run. (hehe).  Most of the time I’m just reassessing whats left of the run, and the ever popular ‘just one mile left! ANYONE can do something once….’.   One of my favorites though is telling myself that I’d rather deal with the difficult stuff now, so that later it will be easier.  Running is probably the only area in my life where I don’t procrastinate. hmmm….

What is one food you absolutely HATE?

Sauerkraut. disgusting.
Describe one of your silliest moments/habits:

Moments: – 7th grade lunch room, with all my friends. I snorted as loud as I possibly could just to embarrass them. It worked. They all dove under the table while I sat there looking at them like they were crazy. fun times. =)

Habits???  some would say I’m a bit silly about my technology, but it’s the researcher/data geek in me that makes me do that.  I do tend to sing silly songs, especially when it’s just way too quiet and serious on a run, or if we’re doing a drill and the rhythm just happens to match up to a song from Stripes or something.

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And something that made me laugh – from the pre-race coaches meeting last week came the following ‘warning’:

If a runner encounters cattle that are aggressive or any bulls on the course, get your runner off the road and into your support vehicle. The vehicle should drive ahead and let the runner out at a safe and reasonable distance ahead of the cattle/bull to continue his or her leg. Keep track of how far your van drives ahead by .10 of miles and report the mileage and speed traveled at the finish line (reporting forms will be available). We will take your team’s overall average pace, the mileage and speed driven and adjust your team’s time accordingly.

I’m sorry, I know it could happen (or has, why else would it be included) but it’s still funny to see it written out in the race guidelines.

This is going to be fun.

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  • Melanie - Good luck! I cannot believe there are cattle rules – At least you are familiar with cows!!!

  • JaNae - Ok, I’m behind and you’re already running, but good luck! I know you’ll do awesome! Wow, the cattle rules are crazy!

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