Little Realities

No major epiphanies today. No super dramatic awesome pictures. Just got some work done, did some research and getting ready to go to the gym.  It has struck me over the last few weeks how our lives, no matter how diverse and grand seeming that some of them are – they all still swirl around the minutia.  The little things “per se” 😉  Perhaps, even, the mundane details.  (For once, it fits).  I have several wonderful friends who are experiencing some major life focus changes.  Namely, getting ready for and taking care of babies.  I sit here and think about what I focus on daily.  Things like: when should I start dinner? what workout should I do today? am I drinking enough water? Did I check my email – (duh)? Errands, occasional house cleaning, visitors…and what we are doing on the weekend.  And I think about my friends, who even though they are only a couple of months apart on the baby timeline, are in completely different little worlds.  The one still waiting is immersed in doctors visits, ultrasounds, getting everything READY.  The clothes, the crib, the nursery and all of the tiny adorable preparations.  My friend who’s little joy has just reached 2 months of age is trying to invent a system so that she can remember which side she fed from last.   Because after 2 hrs x 2hrs x 2hrs x 2 months…she can’t always remember.  That’s where she is right now.

I don’t really have any profound point based on these observations. I’m just noting them.  Maybe it means that not matter how much we plan to or end up with BIG CHANGES in our lives, it still comes down to the everyday little things that hold our attention.  Just wondering if anyone else ever takes a moment to think about the little things that move them along.

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