Memories with my husband – Happy 4th Anniversary!

Just a few memories with my husband.  I love you!

1. Looking over at you during that Michigan game in 1999 and thinking to myself that you were quite handsome.

2. Bringing you food at all hours of the night as you worked on your umpteenth cargo plane for competition.
3. You going with me to swing dance to Winton Marsalis and the Lincoln Center Orchestra at the Shot, because you knew it would make me happy.

4. Talking to you every night on the phone while we lived in different states…for a year.
5. Jan 11th, 2003 The day I made up my mind that I was DEFINITELY moving to Texas to be closer to you.

6. When I finally met your friends in Texas and proved that I did, in fact, exist.
7. Sunday afternoons on the couch when we pretended that I didn’t have to fly back.
8. Learning to cook real fish. Learning to cook shrimp!

9. Going to San Antonio and the Riverwalk for our first anniversary. Our first trip that wasn’t for a wedding or to visit family.

10. Me + snow sports.
11. When we finally went to Jamaica for our honeymoon – 2 yrs late but sooooo worth it.
12. When we tried to dry out that starfish.

13. Joking about whether the cat would have enough fur to make good slippers.
14. The look on your face when I make you my McLovin’ sandwich for breakfast.

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  • JaNae - Happy Anniversary you two! Hope you have many more happy years together!

  • Heather - Re: #5 — I will never forget this date either, as you communicated your plan to me while I lay drugged up and internally bleeding on my hospital bed the day after giving birth to the twins.

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