I have a confession to make.

I have not bought, nor ordered, nor made any Christmas cards yet this year. What? I have guiltily enjoyed getting all of your cards everyday. They are beautiful, and so on time. They look lovely in my little card holder thingy.
There is a chance that I might get them ordered/made today and mailed tomorrow. It’s possible.
I just wanted to warn you. And, it will likely be a photo card…with a picture of the cat on it. DH might normally frown on the putting of the cat on a card, but after the jolly cat themed card we got from my family (thanks everyone!) and the fact that I am the only one responsible for all things card related, he just might not care. =)

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  • JaNae - That’s ok if you don’t send out cards. I’m just excited to get to see you in person in a few days!

  • Amber(Homeschool Diva) - Do what I do. Send a New Years card, then you will be the first one and one time. Make lemonade out of those lemons girl.

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