Taking Pictures, Giving Moments

As I start to get all wrapped up (somewhat) in this taking-pictures-for-real situation, I’m learning new things, words and people all the time.  I start thinking more about the words used to describe the photography process.  Like the word ‘taking’.  We’re always taking pictures, or photos… And I know that may go back to the whole stealing your soul in the camera bit (I really should look it up, I am a researcher after all), but to me it has always seemed to be about giving pictures.  To others, to myself.  A picture is about as close as we can get to giving a memory.  They take us back to that moment and show us what it really looked like.  Now, of course, for many people this is NOT what they want.  My hair looked like what? I liked THAT guy? What was I thinking! But most of the time, especially when it comes to friends and family, those memories are precious, even if we look completely ridiculous.  Because we are also younger, happy, playing, celebrating and together.

Loving on Mommy

For me this can often turn into an obsession with capturing moments. What if I don’t get a picture of this moment, or that moment! Oh no!  But there comes a point when you have to put down the camera and experience the moment.

Otherwise, there is nothing to really remember but your camera.

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