A quick Port Proj related Post

Just a quick note this morning. I’m not even supposed to be on here. I’m supposed to be at the grocery right now getting things out of the way. I wasn’t supposed to check my email until NOON, but then I needed addresses and was forced to open Outlook and I can’t just open it and not check my email.
The reason I have (tried) to self-impose these limits on myself right now is because I have a LOT of non-photography, non-Portfolio Project related work that MUST get done soon. And the sooner I get it done, the sooner I can fully throw myself into the PP world without all this guilt. Of course, there is part of me that fears that once this giant roadblock of charts and graphs and data analysis is gone that all my “Great ideas” will dry up. I just have to believe that they won’t.

I’ve got the structure of my PP set up and I’ve been doing some very basic creating, but I just have to get this other stuff done first. The biggest thing is that the PP fits in perfectly with my scatterbrained daily functioning style, this other work does NOT, so it takes me much longer to finish. So, off to do those other things, so I can do the things I want to.

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