Big Plans

Big Texas Sky
I’m taking pictures of OTHER PEOPLE this weekend. So excited. I have a real photography job today, and then either tomorrow or sometime next week I’m headed to the stock show and rodeo here in town to get some sweet people-and-animals-playing-together pictures. I figure, we’re here and it’s so easy to get these images right now, I should seize the opportunity.

I’m doing all this creating with the portfolio project…and I have a basic categorical structure to organize what I’ve created, and some ideas for things I want to create, but I still feel kind of like I’m wandering around in this without a very clear vision.  I guess that is part of the idea – to not have to commit to any one type of creating (unless that is your goal).  For me, I think it’s like I’m letting myself try all these different flavors and see which one’s I fit with the most.  What gets me excited to create more.

I was thinking yesterday about random (and not so random) advice I’ve been given when I mention the photography idea. One man (who had been a photographer for over 15 yrs)  told me to ‘never do photography for a job, just keep it as a hobby so that you’ll always love it’.  I appreciated his words, but in a different way than I think he intended.  I see them as a constant reminder to make sure you know WHY you love to do something, and to make sure you are always doing the thing you most love to do.   So I thought about this in regards to my picture taking…   Why did I think this was something I could do for REAL?   When you start thinking about all the technical stuff and the business stuff and shooting ideas, you can sort of lose the Joy and the Why without realizing it.  So I just took a moment and thought about how I am with my camera around my friends and family with no ‘professional agenda’.  That just made me laugh – because when we are just hanging out, or spending time together or doing ANYTHING, I can’t put my camera down for more than a few minutes.  My brain is constantly going, “I HAVE to get a picture of that! Oh my goodness, that is adorable/funny/amazing, and I have to capture this moment.”  I mean, they laugh at how addicted to taking pictures I am. At my friends wedding, I don’t know how many times I was running through the reception hall back to get my camera to take more pictures of more moments.   I am like this NORMALLY, without any photographer’s agenda or goal.  I just have to take that picture.   So much so that sometimes I force myself to put down the camera so that I can be in the moment instead of recording it.

I LOVE taking pictures of moments.  I LOVE sharing those moments with others.  I LOVE getting an even better picture of the moment than the last one.

Things I need to remember when I get lost in the middle of doing this and forget the Why.

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