Hey YOU! Say something! It’s Delurking Day 2009!

I learned from some fabulous people that today is the day when all the watchers and readers have to pipe up and make themselves known, even if it’s just to SAY HI!  Regular commenters are of course encouraged to do your part as well.

What’s up? Where you at? How’s it going? Hello?  The stat page tells me that you people are out there, apparently, so say something!  =)

And if you have a blog and actually come to MY site to read it (or stumbled upon it accidently whilst looking for something to do) let your readers know! It’s Delurking Day!

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  • Jen Lee - I’m here! I’m reading…

  • Heather - What’s up? Me — it’s a brand new day. Where you at? Home, of course, where I spend vast quantities of time. How’s it going? God’s mercies are new every morning. : )

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