I’m going to take 365 pictures of myself this year. Woah….wait a minute, what?

It’s not my idea, seriously.  The folks over at JPG (which I am constantly praying will not shut down) started a theme “Day 1/365” and you are supposed to take a pic of yourself every day for the whole year, then post the best in their theme.  I started it, thinking OK, this should be easy….then I thought, wait, this is going to be boring….but as I am on day 5, I think this could be very interesting. Even if 180 of those pictures are just me at my desk working, that’s STILL my story, and telling of my year.   I think of all the plans we have already for this year, and I think this is probably the best year for this project.   I don’t know what shape this will take or if it will serve any purpose but to make me take at least one picture and get out my camera EVERY day.   And, as unpredictable as life is, I may be glad I did this.  So far, it has given me ideas about pictures I want to take of OTHER PEOPLE, but I think it will help me take pictures of others by looking at how others see me in my pictures.   I take so many photos of friends, family, strangers, that it is only fair that THIS face gets some unflattering camera time.  This oughta be interesting.


If anyone would like to join me, feel free to post links to your pics here.  I haven’t decided whether I’m posting each day here or not, but they are all at JPG (and Flickr), I’ll try and post a link to my 365 pics.

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Day Five

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  • Amber (Homeschool Diva) - I need to do a 365…..one of these days. Congrats on getting paid to play.

  • k - Thanks! I’m excited and freaked out at the same time, plus, I’m signed up to be the second photographer (candids) at a wedding this summer. Craziness! Blessed craziness.

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