My first thing.

I don’t know if this is part of the Portfolio Project yet, but I made it, so for today, it is.  It’s up over at JPG too:

Breakfast with Grandma

She likes to rotate her jams, she says. “One morning I’ll have raspberry and the next yellow tomato, and then honey. And see, I’ve got 5 cereals over there so I don’t get tired of them.” And even though it sounds like a lot of variety, breakfast with my grandmother is the most constant thing in the world. At the counter, frozen bread, toast, homemade jam, her tea, her grape juice, those wonderfully old tarnished spoons. She laughs at me when I choose the most tarnished one I can find for my coffee. I choose it because it reminds me even more of the hundreds of times I sat at this counter with her and Grandpa.

It’s such a simple act, but toast and jam is never as good as when I have it here, with her. And this time as I sit here, now with this camera, I see the simple beauty through the lens and can’t help but to capture the moments, the items that make the moment what it is. The bright light through that window, the cups, the spoons, the toast, the jam. Things that I cherish because they belong with her. There have been many things that have changed around this house, around our lives, but we are here, now, and I am savoring every bite.

To see the toast pic bigger, go here.

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