Photo Test Dummy

Apparently, when you spend a whole day doing non-creative work, all your ideas that you pushed down so that you could focus….come back to you when you are trying to go to sleep. Geesh.  I am swimming in ideas that may be good, or may not. Last night I saw one of the prettiest sunsets ever and I didn’t have my camera. I almost took it with us to go running because I was going to try a night running shot at the track for my 365 pic. It would have been awesome with that sunset. But I just took hundreds of mental pictures and enjoyed the light. (After cursing myself under my breath for a few laps for deciding not to bring the camera.)

I chose to do the post-run shot, the stretch. And this morning I got myself opening the gate so the lawn chem people could do their thing.   I came up with a few other interesting stretching shots that just give me more ideas.  The nice thing about taking pics of yourself is that you are always available and are willing to do odd things for the camera to experiment with lighting and depth of field and stuff.  I’m like my own photo test dummy.


Day Seven

Day Eight

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  • JaNae - Love all your “you” pictures–soooo neat!

  • k - The ones I’ve taken with the stretching really reinforce my desire to do running pics of people. I spoke with a woman last year who owns a run photo company (they do the races) and it’s totally easy to try out for her crew, I just needed the right gear – and now I have it. hmmm

  • Sarah - I love this pic! The contrast, and the fact that I can’t figure out how you’re standing/stretching since the photo only allows me to guess. Very cool!

  • Karyn - hehe. Thanks. If it helps, I had my feet crossed, bending forward with my fingers crossed behind my calves. Great hamstring/back stretch. =)

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