Portfolio Project: Over my head

I was inspired this morning by JenLee’s podcast and wonderful writing. So much so that I actually got to work on my evaluator/data work and FINISHED something, but it was a struggle to stay on task. Other thoughts came to mind, and I did a little more writing!  Crazy, I know. It’s still a draft and may change, but this project is about creating first, editing and judging later. So here it is.

Over My Head, by Karyn Kelbaugh

She waits, and weights
Arms full with her oppressive burden
If I could just take her weights
Transform them into doneness
Then she would be let loose
Free from the guilt of not letting go
The guilt of holding the weight like a shield against the freedom

If I could just…

Then what would we do?
Would we hurry so fast to build up the weight again
Or would we rest, and enjoy the fresh air of completion
Before jumping back into the pile

I have ideas about doing something more creative with this…. some typography fun-ness. We’ll see. Thoughts are welcome. It IS Delurking Day!

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  • Christiane - Hey Karyn, thanks for your comment. I really like your poem – it struck a chord that’s pretty tense right now inside me. Thanks.

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