Terabyte Love

I know that years ago someone bought a TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY! MEGA byte ZIP disk and thought, “wow, this is so much memory. This will last me forever! Awesome!”

Clearly times continue to change. Files get bigger, more space is needed. But the excitement of buying SPACE never goes away. The optimism that THIS will be enough for you – and you will never need more.

And so, yesterday as I drove home jubilant that I just bought a TERABYTE of external hard drive space, I didn’t care that in ten years (or much less) we would have 4TB jump drives and it would be no big deal.  I’ve got room to fill up my memory cards full of photos and dump and dump and dump, and right now, that’s all the counts. (Plus, it was on SALE – double bonus. And like a real sale, one that won’t be outdone soon).

I’m excited. Plus, I can now back up all my work photos so that I can guarantee that I won’t lose client photos.  And free up some space on this thing.

Also, check out the new 365 badge in the sidebar which displays and links to my 365 set on Flickr. And…today, Bonsai wanted to say hi.


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