Beware of Ruts

Remember the Portfolio Project? Yup, I’m still technically doing it. I really am, it has just gotten a bit stale. I started off with my 365 project being my ‘backup plan’.  Meaning that even if I didn’t create anything else that day, at least I took one photo (usually 60 to find 1 good one).  But lately I haven’t even been trying to create other new things – I’m relying on my photo projects alone.  Now, I have been working hard on setting up my business and getting other work done – and I’ve still be creating with the 365 and One word projects…. but I know I can do, and want to do more.  I have a whole host of project ideas that I want to work on. Yes, most of them involve photography – but beyond just the pic of me per day stuff.  I have a few activities lined up over the next few days though that will hopefully jump start these other creative projects.

I’m just saying, if you find yourself hum drumming it through your creative process right now, maybe you’re not stretching yourself as much as you should be.  Don’t be afraid to step out of the rut and try something more.  Here goes…

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