Foto Friday Post

Wow, you say. A planner. How…exciting. I know, I know. But I liked the lines and how the shot turned out, especially because I took it with my new Coolpix S610c. Handy little camera.
This is my foto friday macro pic for Homeschool Diva. Enjoy!!

Over the next week there will likely be a ridiculous flood of images cause tonight is GIRLS (PHOTO) NIGHT OUT downtown, and I am doing another maternity photo session this weekend, so I should have some awesome pictures coming. I’m also going to rent (aka. torture myself) a few new lenses and try them out! Oh, and I need a spy lens like, NOW! How else can we capture those great pictures of really interesting people – like the super mullet we missed last night.  Hopefully the rental shop might have one. We’ll see.

Happy Friday people!

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  • Elizabeth - Love the perspective here… I’ll be looking forward to those weekend pics!

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