Kreative Kin

The post over at Shutter Sisters this morning asks us to talk about the creative people in our lives.  As soon as I read that I knew exactly who to post about this morning. My niece, Delaney.  This girl can write! She is also very thoughtful and sends copies of her work to us so that we who are far away can enjoy her stories too.  So this morning, I would like to share an original work by Delaney.

The Pig Who Went to the Dance

by Delaney (7  1/2)

There once was a pig who lived on a farm.  And on that farm it was dance day, and he really wanted to go.  His owner was almost ready to go, and he tried to get on top of the car.  His owner saw him, and he was scared.  There were no pigs allowed, and he knew that.  He was still on top of the car and his owner said “Get off”.  So he got off and went into the trunk.  But his owner did not see him because he was picking tomatoes.

There was stuff in the trunk – a lot of stuff.  It was time to go.  His owner still did not see him.  So he went in the van and when they got there he went in.  On the ceiling there was a ball spinning around very slowly.  When he came in everyone was looking at him.  He was scared so he went outside and in the back there were clothes.  He dressed in them and went in.  Everyone was taking off his clothes and they said “Get out!”  He went to the window and he went in.  No one was there – they were outside.  But inside there were animals.  He said “wow!” and went in and danced.

The End.

I hope she never loses her creative spirit and desire to tell stories.  If she ever does, maybe this post will show up in a search many years down the road and remind her how creative she can be. =)

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