Not Your Average Triptych


Pretty much because I know my husband rarely reads my blog, I am posting this image I made yesterday from 3 images (triptych) that I took in my lightbox and had fun editing. Why? Because it’s his Valentine’s Day card. 😉 But when I read that this Photo Friday’s theme over at Homeschool Diva was Triptych…it was just too perfect. It’s not a ‘normal’ triptych. You can’t see the lines where one image ends and the others begin, but trust me, it’s definitely 3 different pictures. =) Enjoy, and Happy early Valentine’s Day everyone!

And…if you want your own … I posted it over at Red Bubble.  Although I don’t think you could get it by tomorrow.  But everyone likes to know that they are loved all year long. =)

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  • Amber (Homeschool Diva) - WOOOOWWWWWW cool. What are they images of. Flower petals? DId you solorize in edit? My mind is spinning. It looks like a graphic digital design and not a photograph. I need to build a light box. On the to do list.

  • k - They were all done with gerbera daisy petals in the lightbox. And yeah, I totally went a bit crazy with highlight/shadow in edit. For the heart, I also added the swirls in PSP. Yesterday’s post has a better view of the heart. It’s so much fun.

  • Sarah - Very Cool!

  • Melissa Ward - its cool that this is done with photos, because it looks like an illustration. Very cool concept!!

  • Elizabeth - Wow. I’m impressed and might just have to look into building a light box too… And I love the card.

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