Now Is the Time

Ok, Homeschool Diva’s post totally inspired me today, and I was certainly in need of some inspiration, and not even the artistic kind – the humbling kind.   I love to help people.  I’m sure I’ve inherited this trait from several members of my family and just from people I’ve met in my life so far.   It’s one of the main reasons I became a social worker – they help people.  Along the way I’ve met so many wonderful people, both helper and those being helped (often the same people) in all different types of situations.  I spent my undergrad years working with the homeless and I learned so much and I am so thankful for the perspective that the experiences I’ve had have given me.   I’ve also had ideas of how I would like to help in my own way.  Some of those ideas I have made happen, but others have been pushed aside.

Well, even though it may seem a small thing, I am going to carry out one of those ideas and make it happen.  My idea is small, but it may be just what some person needs one day, I don’t know.  Basically making up little Helper Packs for folks I meet along the road or the sidewalk who need a little help.  I had this idea back in college, but I just never made it happen.  Things like bus passes (gold), calling cards, free food coupons, and information about where they might be able to get more help.  The idea was to keep some in my car and if I met someone who was asking for help, I could give it.  A bus pass can get someone to a job interview.  2 can get them to the interview, and then back for their first day of work, where they might meet someone who they could ride with.  A grocery gift card, even just $10 can help feed a family for a few days.   I occasionally luck out and get little gift cards or freebies that are a nice treat, but I don’t really need.  Heck, ladies – what if you collected all of your victoria secret “freebies” that we are bombared with in the mail and gave them to the local women’s shelter to hand out? Or something. I don’t know.  Just revisiting this plan I had and would like to actually do something about now.   Goodness knows it beats just sitting here being selfish.

What can you do?

*If anyone has ideas or knows where I could get some freebie cards, for food or items, let me know.  Thanks!

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  • Katie in MA - I love the photo and the tie-in. What kind of social work do you do? I am fascinated, so much so that I almost went into the field. When I was in college, I worked for awhile at the public library and there were several “regulars” – homeless people who came in from the heat or to pass the time. I wanted to much to interview them and publish a collection of short stories. Stories of who they are and who they were. I still love the idea.

  • Karyn - Well, I got my masters in Community & Admin practice – basically I love helping people one on one, but I knew that would make me so impatient and I would get mad at ‘the system’. So I went for big scale – but not admin. ugh. So I went the research/eval route. helping orgs prove that they are making a difference and holding them accountable. i’m a nerd too and social workers who understand stats are apparently a rare breed. I still love helping people individually – but I can do that on my own terms and I like that. Plus, with research, eval – i am helping people on a bigger scale.

    I loved my guys at the homeless shelter. they were all so sweet. I was their resume “coach”.

  • Karyn - the big change for me in college was when i took an intro soc work class and discovered that it wasn’t all about taking kids away. social work is a huge field and you can do anything and work anywhere you want with this skill set. i also think it makes me a better person, knowing what I know now, and a better photographer.

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