On second thought…

Ok, I thought all day about what my ‘Genuine’ pic was going to be today. I had already gotten my 365 pic out of the way and now I had to think up my other one. I know that some days I will TRY to make them both into one shot, but I really didn’t want to do that a lot. I liked the thought of taking pictures of things OTHER than myself, and I didn’t want to compromise either idea just to save time.  So I figured out what I wanted to do. I had it all picked out… and then I was looking back at my already posted 365 pic for today and the positive response I received and it hit me. I bought that headband because I thought it was hilarious and silly and I have a lighthearted view of running and I like to have fun and make people laugh. I think running should be fun. That headband is pretty darn “genuinely me”. So today – this is my genuine.


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  • A page of rain - What a great headband! That pretty much sums up why I run too…

  • JaNae - love it! That’s exactly why I run too!

  • k - The key is to wear the headband when your running is proportional to your eating… otherwise I imagine all the people who see it saying…hmmmm, you should run more….. 😉

  • ash - love it. it’s pretty much the only reason i run, too.

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