Somethings Gotta Give

Usually it’s the house. Laundry piles up, literally. The dishwasher is full of clean dishes while the used pile up in the sink. I tell myself that this casserole dish really does need to soak for 24 hours before I can wash it out easily.

But this week I’ve done laundry and dishes and other work and errands and done my photos, although they are really starting to run together in my head. So this week the thing that is pushed aside has definitely been my running/exercise. But I still have guilt for that. And my head is frantic and I know that if I just went and ran I would feel better. But timing and other “more important things” are inclining me to rank it at the bottom of the to-do list.

All these self imposed burdens are just driving me crazy right now. But I know I can get through this and this crazy/productive time and I can weed out some of these things and just get down to the basic list of MUSTS.

Today I got to take photos for a little preview of a charity event I am photographing later this month. I’m very excited and I got to hang out with other ‘professionals’ today. I even engaged in some friendly chatting with another photographer. The thought crossed my mind to try and sound as seasoned as I knew these others were, but of course, what came out of my mouth was basically, ‘I’m pretty new at this so I’m trying lots of different things and doing them for free”.  Smooth, Karyn.  But hey, that’s ME (I do tend to just spurt out the truth whenever I talk) and you know what – I was then told about a media photographer workshop coming up and that I should go. How nice! I can’t go because I’m taking pictures at this other event, but it made me appreciate being myself.

Anyway. Although my mind is slightly in a frenzy, life goes on and it’s still going on pretty well right now. Perhaps if I could just GIVE up sleeping? Eating? So time consuming!

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  • Elizabeth - A lovely story (one I can relate to) and I’m glad it only made you appreciate yourself more.
    I love the colorful fabrics in the photo!

  • Mommyknows - It sounds just like my life. So much to do, never enough time.

    The photo is fantastic. I LOVE the colors.

  • jamie - Here’s to putting it out there and seeing what happens! Magic!

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